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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResourcingPoint?

  1. A resource management organization providing independent clinical professionals quickly and cost-effectively. We manage the challenges of qualifying and sourcing the right individuals for your project needs. With our 3-step qualifying process, you will always know that you are working with the most qualified professionals for your study.
  2. ResourcingPoint is an affiliate to ResearchPoint Global, focused on a functional staffing model managed by the sponsor, whereby the clinical monitors operate as contractors versus the full-service model, managed by ResearchPoint Global.  

Why separate ResourcingPoint and ResearchPoint Global?

  1. Different business models require a different approach- full-service versus functional staffing model. Now, when clients request a functional service approach, we don’t have to fit a square peg in a round hole when trying to make our full-service model work. Some clients need a full-service, vendor-managed team; others simply need resources they will manage. The separate organizations allow us to offer both
  2. A much different infrastructure with lower overhead than a full-service CRO supporting a team of full-time employees allows us to offer this service at a competitive price. As a separate company, we are able to keep the overhead to a minimum and operate on a very lean budget


Who manages the business?

  1. Shared executive management between the two companies, plus a talented team of clinical and human resource professionals leading the day-to-day operations. 


How large is the database?

  1. Size can be a misleading metric. We do not accept all contractors. ResourcingPoint’s focus is matching the most qualified and available resource with its clients’ needs. As one would expect our database continues to grow daily. We currently are able to staff a typical client request.


Is ResourcingPoint able to place global monitors? 

  1. Yes. We are able to leverage the extensive network of partners within ResearchPoint Global, which gives us access to a robust database of qualified independent research professionals around the world. 


What are the goals for growth or expansion? 

  1. As opportunities present themselves, we will evaluate the overall business strategy and take advantage of those that allow us to better service our clients and grow our business. 
  2. Although the initial focus for ResourcingPoint is to provide qualified clinical monitors, a logical extension of the business model will be to expand the database of research professionals in the future to include data management and project management professionals.